The Newly Launched DigiBayanihan Website

Test Hero is an online test preparation portal to help high school students review for college entrance tests.With Test Hero’s commitment to ensure reliable test preparation material for the students, last August 28-30, 2018, Test Hero online platform was pilot tested to 280 Grade 10 to Grade 12 Senior High School students from private and public schools. It was observed from the pilot test respondents that students from public schools scored higher in Math and Science compared to students in private schools who scored better in English Grammar and Reading Comprehension.

Test Hero Project Manager, Jordianne Gomez said “Test Hero aims to enhance literacy and competitiveness of children from poorer households.”

Test Hero targets Senior High School students who are preparing to take college entrance tests and National Achievement Test (NAT). The portal can also be used by Grades 9-10 students who are preparing for their National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE). This initiative also targets to provide review materials for Alternative Learning System (ALS) equivalency test.