Partner With Us

What Does It Mean To Be a Partner?

As a partner, our organizations will both work on planning the implementation of DigiBayanihan in your communities, groups, or organizations. We hope to work with various willing partners from civil society, academe, non-government, government, and corporate. Working together would mean that both our organizations will:


Plan and coordinate the content, planning, and implementation of DigiBayanihan


Market the use of DigiBayanihan through online and offline means


Provide a focal person for easier coordination


Collect success stories on sessions and trainees


Conduct regular review sessions with the team for evaluation purposes

Benefits of a Partner?


Receive monthly narrative updates on program implementation, including photo-documentation


Receive necessary DB marketing materials in the aid of promotion


Receive DB online materials to conduct the trainings/workshops


Develop the program strategies and work plan with ASSIST


Other benefits that can be discussed to suit the partner organization

Testimonials from Our Partners

  • Monchito Ibrahim

    Our partners from ASSIST and Tech4ED project management office decided to relaunch what I thought 3 years ago, would be a very effective vehicle for ensuring that we inclusively get everyone on board in this bandwagon. We can’t do it alone. ASSIST can’t do it alone. We need everyone to work with us, engage with us in all our initiatives.

    Monchito Ibrahim
    Undersecretary - Department of Information and Communications Technology
  • Fr. Emmanuel Sarabia SVD

    Due to the fast advancement of technology, the world has become smaller for everyone. Millenial or not, one has to keep up with the technology otherwise suffer being left behind. It is ineviable that these technologies have both advantages and disadvantages in our lives. To make use of these technologies, USC is partnering with ASSIST through its Social Actions program, DigiBayanihan.

    Fr. Emmanuel Sarabia SVD
    Director of Student Personal Services - University of San Carlos
  • Mark Ruiz

    Work of DigiBayanihan is very crucial. This whole digital divide will just enhance inequality. Before, it is just about economic opportunities and social inequality. But now, this whole digital divide is creating another chasm and what DigiBayanihan does is it creates a bridge so that people are not left behind.

    Mark Ruiz
    Co-Founder - Hapinoy
Partner for Progress