To help promote digital literacy, ASSIST provides free online modules on digital literacy skills with a wide range of topics below:

Creating For My Professional Life

This Intel Series offers practical lessons for any working professional to succeed in the workplace.

Modules In This Course

Google Search And Youtube Google Productivity Tools Using Prezi Using Windows Movie Maker Using Facebook for promoting businesses Preparing for a job interview Creating a survey form Creating a flyer Creating a newsletter Creating a certificate Creating a brochure Creating a budget

Creating For My Personal Life

Digital tools are not only for the working professional. Anyone can benefit from learning to use digital skills in their everyday lives.

Modules In This Course

Creating a Résumé Managing Files and Folders Controlling Media Usage- A Parent’s Guide Citizen Journalism Sending an E-card


In this Intel Series, you will learn how to communicate safely and more efficiently through popular online platforms like Facebook and Skype.

Modules In This Course

Creating A Facebook Account Netiquette Creating A Skype Account

Using The Internet

One of the defining features of the 20th century has been the ability to use the Internet.

Modules In This Course

Using Youtube Taking Up An Online Course Finding Resources for scholarships Searching For Jobs Online

Financial Literacy

In this series, we explore how micro-entrepreneurs should prepare financially to be secured in the short-term and the future.

Modules In This Course

NATCCO - Financial Literacy Business Setup Marketing Inventory Management Managing Business Finances Business Expansion Banking Managing the Household Finances Managing Debts (Utang) Savings and Personal Investments Planning for the Future (Insurance and Investment Plans)

Staying Safe Online

The online world is dangerous. Thus, it is crucial to protect yourself in order to reap the benefits of the Internet.

Modules In This Course

Website Evaluation Cybersecurity Dealing with Cyber bullying Online Scams Digital Footprint Shopping Online

Disaster Risk Reduction Management

In times of disasters, it is necessary to avoid panic and chaos by seeking the right channels for news updates.

Modules In This Course

Disaster Preparedness


In this Intel Series, you will learn how to acquire useful information on the agricultural sector online.

Modules In This Course

Weather Forecast Tips for Farming Crop Market Price Update

Social Entrepreneurship

In this knowledge series, budding entrepreneurs will learn the in's and out's of a successful social entrepreneurship.

Modules In This Course

What is a Social Enterprise? Problem-Solution Fit Seizing the Opportunity

Mobile Literacy

Mobile technology has the power to change the way we communicate, and interact, it has the power to connect anyone to anything and everyone.

Modules In This Course

Definition and basic functions of a smartphone (Depinisyon at pangunahing gamit ng isang smartphone) Basic Trouble Shooting and Taking care of a smartphone (Trouble Shooting at Pag-alaga sa Telepono) Connecting to the internet (Pano kumonekta sa Internet) Multi-tasking Other Mobile Applications (Iba pang mobile applications) Online World (Mundong Online) Using the smartphone in businesses (Paggamit ng telepono sa pagnenegosyo: BizMo)

Digital Citizenship

DQ is the sum of social, emotional, and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges of and adapt to the demands of digital life.

Modules In This Course

Digital Citizenship Digital Intelligence for Children by Parents It's a Digital Life: Forming Online Communities