• The Career Engine

    The Career Engine is a social platform designed to prepare graduating students of colleges and TVET institutes to be “job-ready”. It further aims to develop the right mind-set and guidance or succeeding and thriving in their careers.

    Our 5-Step Career Readiness Approach for Young Filipinos:


    1. Becoming Job Ready

    2. Finding the Job

    3. Getting the Job


    4. Excelling at the Job

    5. Work-life Balance

    The Career Engine
  • Test Hero

    Test Hero is an online test preparation portal, which seeks to ensure that learners, regardless of field, can train and practice for their respective examinations.It is in line with the greater goal of democratizing education by making the various content free, comprehensive, and accessible to all users.

    Through the portal, learners can take practice test practice tests that will help them become more confident in passing critical examinations; for example, college and university entrance tests for graduating high school students.

    Test Hero