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The Philippines has the second highest rate of youth unemployment in Southeast Asia at over 14%1 . In order to prepare future generations for the increasingly competitive workplace, young Filipinos need to possess the right set of digital skills to navigate the digital world in a responsible, productive and meaningful manner.

We believe the best approach to giving more Filipinos socio-economic mobility is to close the digital divide between those who are able to use the Internet efficiently and those who do not. Hence, we primarily focus on youth employment-seekers, women, CSOs/NGOs and academic institutions in the traditionally marginalized regions of the Visayas and Mindanao.

As we increasingly “digitize” new content, we hope to expand our audience base to all ages, backgrounds and genders who wish to improve their ability to navigate online. In the hopes of delivering inclusive development to all Filipinos, our two-pronged approach consists of building strong relationships with partners to develop locally appropriate content and interventions and through our #BeADigibayani movement to encourage advocacy for digital literacy.

  1. The World Bank (2017)

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