DigiBayanihan aims at improving digital literacy and digital accessibility in the country through digital empowerment and citizenship. One of the ways to achieve this is through a national volunteering movement of mobilizing champions, or what is known as "DigiBayanis" with the goal of promoting digital literacy and citizenship. This initiative will equip Filipinos with the critical skills to harness the power of technology to improve lives.


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Be a DigiBayani

Step 1. Take our online test

a. If you succeed at becoming a coach skip to step 3
b. If not, continue to step 2

Step 2. Try the test again

After learning and reading more about Intel Easy Step

Step 3. Go to our website

www.digibayanihan.org and sign up to download Intel Easy steps activity card.

Step 4. Train

Train the most number of people using at least three activity cards of Intel Easy Steps.

Step 5. Encourage People

to take an online test through facebook app

Step 6. Submit the roster

of people trained with their name, contact number, age and email address to db@asianngo.org

Step 7. Be eligble

to get a device after teaching 100 people in your community

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How to do Trainings for a Cause

Explain and give a short introduction to the cause

Educate audience with the given topic

How will the cause help the target audience

Interactive quiz

Partner to Progress

Spread the word about DigiBayanihan among your employees, partners and your digital fanbase.

Help us organize workshops and events for your target audience. Your organization needs specific digital skills? Develop a tutorial with us!

Help us to identify potential trainers from your organization. Motivate them to join DigiBayanihan.

Help us to get digital rookies on board to join DigiBayanihan courses.

No matter what you can contribute: every support is needed and appreciated. Help us to make the Philippines ready for a digital future.

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