TESDA partners with Intel® Easy Steps for a Digitally Literate Workforce


The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) partners with Intel® Philippines through the Intel® Easy Steps program to help them prepare their students for the 21st century workplace. TESDA oversees the conduct of vocational and technical programs not only in TESDA owned centers, but also in thousands of accredited academic institutions all over the country.

TESDA will use the Intel® Easy Steps course to provide their students with basic competencies in digital literacy that is already a requirement in most vocational and technical programs. Digital literacy offers an advantage to program graduates since these set of skills have become a necessity in the modern workplace.

As of December 2011, TESDA trainers have reached 3,300 grassroots users, spread out across their 17 regional training centers or institutions. A total of 69 trainers from TESDA centers and institutions were trained on Intel® Easy Steps by the middle of 2011. For more information on this, check the Partners page.

 In 2012, TESDA hopes that other accredited institutions will be introduced to the Intel® Easy Steps program as well, so that more students will be equipped with the much-needed digital literacy skills.



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