Intel Easy Steps Applications Now Available on Facebook


Intel Philippines delivers easy access to digital literacy for adult learners through the Intel Easy Steps Applications now available on Facebook.

A series of ten (10) Intel Easy Steps applications can be accessed or configured into individual Facebook accounts. Each application simulates the behavior of a productivity tool such as a word processor, spread sheet or presentation. Users can run the applications to create practical outputs such as a resume, budget plan or flyer, using a step by step process. They can also post their progress in using the applications as their Facebook status.

The first set of applications includes Introduction to Word Processing, How to Make a Resume and How to Make a Flyer.

The Intel® Easy Steps program teaches basic computer use including word processing, spread sheet and presentation development and internet navigation. It seeks to give adult learners with little or no prior computer experience, access to computer skills to improve their social and economic capabilities. The program materials use proven adult learning techniques to teach practical and relevant skills.  



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